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New York Artist

Kimberly D. Perry
Professional Artist Biography

American Abstract Expressionist Painter, Kimberly D Perry reveals her perspective on the world through her "Art Prescriptions for Healing". Her colorful and dramatic abstract masterpieces are widely collected not only in her home town of New York, New York, but nationally as well. Kimberly enjoys the freedom and creativity that comes from free form painting.

As the daughter of DeVon Cunningham (featured in the Smithsonian Institute), a world renowned painter and sculptor, Perry's  innovative work has been referred to as an "immersive, dynamic, and ever changing visual experience" by many of her celebrity collectors. "When I was very young, not only did I watch my father sculpt and paint, but I watched him create some of the world's most iconic works of art" said Perry.  "I want to continue the  tradition and legacy that my father started, because what he did was so moving."

Perry holds a bachelor's degree in Communications, Arts and Science from Michigan State University. Because of a lifelong fascination with the use and effect of colors in psychology, Perry has extensively studied "Color Therapy and Behavioral Practices".  Perry has become an expert in the effects of color on human beings and the environment.  Color therapy has been used for thousands of years in the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India.  It is a type of holistic healing that uses color to effect a person's mood and physical and mental health.  

Perry has combined the energy of color with the peaceful vibrations of nature to create her unique "Art Prescriptions for Healing".  Each beautiful art design is created to promote harmony, peace, love, hope and positive energy into your atmosphere.

The beauty of Kimberly's Art will refresh your Soul.  Many people have found great peace, personal insight, conflict resolution, inner healing and self discovery while meditating on her inspirational Art Designs and motivational Words of Wisdom and Peace.  

Kimberly is a Certified Art as Therapy Life Coach