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Certified Color as Therapy Professional

New York Artist


Kimberly D. Perry
Professional Artist Biography

Kimberly Perry is an American Abstract Artist and Certified Color as Therapy Professional.  She is a specialist in using Art for Stress Reduction and Relaxation.  Research has proven that art and colors can have a profound healing effect on depression, stress and disease.  

The color, light and flow of Kimberly's artwork has been carefully prepared to promote less stress and anxiety and increased peace, joy, calm and healing.  Her artistic designs use the visible spectrum of light and color to effect a person's mood and physical and mental health.   Kimberly's abstract creations tell a different story to each individual.  They are painted to open up spectrums of hope and inspiration in each person's imagination.  

Immerse yourself in the stimulating and flowing designs with breathtaking colors and thrilling twist.  The beauty of Kimberly's art will refresh your soul.  Many people have found great peace, personal insight, conflict resolution, inner healing and self discovery while meditating on her beautiful paintings.  

Kimberly is the daughter of world renowned artist, DeVon Cunningham, featured in the Smithsonian Institute.  Kimberly holds a bachelors degree in Communications, Arts and Science from Michigan State University.  And currently resides in Manhattan, New York and Boca Raton, Florida with her husband Scott, General Manager of the New York Knicks.  Kimberly's Art can be frequently found in Art Gallery's and Art Shows across the country.